Friday, February 19, 2010

Who made this original snuffles?

I found this picture on Wikipedia, and in the back in the middle, there is a brown snuffles (at least it looks like a snuffles?)? It is supposed to be an "original" snuffles? Was this snuffles made by Gund? Is that a pre 1980 Snuffles? Does anyone know more about this? I am curious?

(Image from Wikipedia)

From the comment:

The bear in the photo is Gund. In the early 1980's Gund did make snuffles with larger/longer muzzles, in a dark chocolate color, and a type of peach marmalade. Some of them had crests with longer fur than the rest of them (almost like a disconnected beard). It appears the one in the photo has been used or loved quite a bit, and the muzzle looks more flat or smashed out than normal. It appears out of place because of this, and because it is surrounded by much newer vintage snuffles with smaller and more rounded noses.

Older bears also had a variety of noses in color & material, and differently constructed mouths. Many of these can be obtained on ebay.
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