Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slightly offtopic, but maybe even snuffles like to take a trip in Prague...

Toy traveling...

This company in Prague is offering to take stuffed animals on trips around Prague. Kind of a funny idea, they are not the first to do this. A couple years ago someone tried this in Munich, I think with meager success. Not sure why? Nevertheless, I view this as an interesting business idea...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bex's unknown brother James

This is James. He is about the same size as Bex. He is basically Bex's unkown brown brother... James is sending a big bearhug to Bex!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hi all, Boris was asking about Bex, and I thought you might be curious too so I thought I'd post on it.  Bex is about 18 inches from tail to nose.  He was my most recent adoption and a lucky find at a random toy store several months ago.  I'm not really sure why they had him since I believe Gund no longer makes him but I'm guessing he was sitting in the back of a warehouse for a while.

Here is a picture of him.  You can see that he's just a plain white Snuffles.  He's very soft.

Here are some pictures of his tags.

And lastly, here is a picture of Bex holding a regular-sized water bottle so you can get an idea of his size.   - Sophia

Friday, February 19, 2010

Who made this original snuffles?

I found this picture on Wikipedia, and in the back in the middle, there is a brown snuffles (at least it looks like a snuffles?)? It is supposed to be an "original" snuffles? Was this snuffles made by Gund? Is that a pre 1980 Snuffles? Does anyone know more about this? I am curious?

(Image from Wikipedia)

From the comment:

The bear in the photo is Gund. In the early 1980's Gund did make snuffles with larger/longer muzzles, in a dark chocolate color, and a type of peach marmalade. Some of them had crests with longer fur than the rest of them (almost like a disconnected beard). It appears the one in the photo has been used or loved quite a bit, and the muzzle looks more flat or smashed out than normal. It appears out of place because of this, and because it is surrounded by much newer vintage snuffles with smaller and more rounded noses.

Older bears also had a variety of noses in color & material, and differently constructed mouths. Many of these can be obtained on ebay.

4ft. Snuffles - largest Snuffles ever made presented at New York City Toy Fair

Here are the latest pictures of the largest snuffles ever made.

Yes, to clarify the information we have the high-end one-of-a-kind 10" Snuffles with the alpaca fur, pearl eyes and 10-carat diamond necklace. He is valued at $10,000 and this is the one we will be auctioning off for charity later this year. This is the only high-end, one-of-a-kind Snuffles produced.

We also have the 4-foot giant Snuffles, one of the largest Snuffles ever made, with pictures attached. This is the only 4-foot Snuffles being made for this year.

The 30th Birthday editions – with the frosted-tip caramel & chocolate furs will be available for purchase in June. They will come in either 10" or 15" models.

The limited edition Snuffles – with the white/silver frosted-tip fur is not available for retail right now. There will only be 1,000 of these made. It's a 15" model.

(Images and information courtesy of Dan)

Thank you, Dan, for keeping us updated with all the exciting news of the 30th anniversary of snuffles.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gund 30th Anniversary press release

GUND® 2010

Snuffles®’ 30th Birthday

In 1980, GUND®, the leading soft toy manufacturer in the United States, introduced Snuffles®, a unique bear whose shape was inspired by a beautiful crescent moon and who appears to look up at whoever is hugging him. Now Snuffles, GUND’s most successful and well-known bear, will be celebrating his 30th birthday in style with several new editions in 2010, including a very special one-of-a-kind Snuffles valued at $10,000! All Snuffles are for ages one and up and are surface washable for hug after hug.

GUND® 30th Birthday Snuffles®

15” 30th Birthday Snuffles: There is more Snuffles to love with the 15” 30th Birthday Snuffles. This adorable bear has plenty of love to go around in his larger size and features a special 30th birthday commemorative medallion. He is available in frosted-tip, caramel plush fur or frosted-tip, chocolate plush fur.

- This snuffles will be sold starting June 2010 for $50 retail.

10” 30th Birthday Snuffles: The adorable 10” Snuffles is celebrating his 30th birthday with a special 30th birthday commemorative medallion. This cuddly bear is ready to show his affection with two colors: frosted-tip, caramel plush fur or frosted-tip, chocolate plush fur.

- This snuffles will be sold starting June 2010 for $25 retail.

10” 30th Birthday One-of-a-Kind Snuffles: Dripping in diamonds, the 30th Birthday One-of-a-Kind Snuffles is wearing a dazzling birthday necklace of real diamonds totaling nearly 10 carats on a beautiful white gold chain. This 10” Snuffles is made from the softest white alpaca fur and features genuine leather accents on the nose. Snuffles’ sweet gray eyes are created with striking 100% Tahitian pearls. With a material value of approximately $10,000, this very special, one-of-a-kind Snuffles celebrates 30 years as a classic GUND icon – making it priceless.

- Issued February 2010, no price available as this Snuffles will be sold at auction for a charitable purpose. Gund expects $10000 for this jeweled Snuffles.

13.5” 30th Birthday Limited Edition Signature Snuffles: The 13.5” 30th Birthday Limited Edition Signature Snuffles is a must-have for any fan of Snuffles. He features the 30th birthday commemorative leather medallion and super soft white, silver-tipped plush fur for maximum huggability. There are only 1,000 Signature Snuffles available at retail as a gift with purchase.

- Offered starting June 2010. Not for sale. Limited to 1000 pieces.

(Note: Names and availability dates are subject to change.)

(Press release thanks to Dan, with permission)

There will be more news coming hopefully next week. And wait for pictures of the 5ft. Snuffles!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Millenium snuffles does not have a tail

And here you can see that the Millenium Snuffles does not have a tail like all the others do. Initially when I received him, I thought someone had cut off his tail. But no, they did not come with a tail.

Correction: the below white alpaka snuffles is 10 inches, not 5 ft. , and the 5ft. snuffles looks different...

This white snuffles will be limited to 1000 pieces and cannot be bought. It is a giveaway for people who buy the other snuffles.
This is one of the anniversary snuffles which will be offered soon. He is chocolate, and I think he looks simply gorgeous. Not limited as I understand.
This is the white alpaka snuffles with appx. 10 carat diamond necklace, a one of a king snuffles that will be sold at auction later this year.
This is the caramel snuffles, not limited, and looking truly beautiful as well.

(Image Source: with permission of Gund and Dan)

This is an exciting time for us Snuffles lovers currently. The 30th anniversary is bringing a buzz to our beloved snuffles, and there are several new snuffles coming out that look really gorgeous.

I need to make one correction on my postings below though. The depicted white alpaka snuffles is not the same as the 5ft. snuffles. I will receive images of the 5ft. snuffles later today. I hope that some of the pictures will show him next to a human. I am really curious and excited. The white alpaka snuffles with the diamond necklace is a one of a kind snuffles that will be sold via auction for a charitable purpose later on this year. Gund is planning to get at least $10000 for him. Considering he is wearing all this beautiful jewelry, that sounds like a realistic price to me. Doesn' t it? So there is hope that the 5ft. snuffles will cost less than $10000... ;)

Meanwhile, I received pictures of the anniversary snuffles that will be issued. They are between 10-15 inches tall. I think they look phantastic, gorgeous and so beautiful. I know that I will get them as soon as I can. Prices are reasonable as well, I will post that information later from the press release that is still sitting in my email. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

Last but not least, I want to thank Dan for communicating with me over the past 4 weeks, and letting me know of all the new and upcoming developments with snuffles, and for sending these beautiful pictures to me including the press release.

OK, I have to put my orders in now... ;) The sale of the anniversary snuffles will start in June. More details to follow hopefully later today.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Followup to the 5ft. Snuffles at the Javitz Center Toy Fair


Well, here are pictures and links to the huge Snuffles.

I am trying to imagine how large he must be compared to a human...

And, you can read some opinions of people.

"A toy that won't find many buyers is a $10,000 Snuffles teddy bear made of white alpaca fur, with black pearls for eyes. It adorns a 10-carat diamond necklace with a white gold chain."

(Text sourced from Yahoo News)

"Gund's huggable bear, Snuffles will celebrate his 30th birthday this year with the largest Snuffles ever made, plus a special, one-of-a-kind Snuffles worth nearly $10,000. I haven't gotten a look at him yet, but it totally makes me think of Victoria's Secret's diamond-encrusted bra!"


I have to say that I am eagerly awaiting the limited edition snuffles.

Toy Fair 2010: $10,000 teddy bear, anyone?

Headlines of the American International Toy Fair

Here is homepage of the Javitz Center in New York

Here is a link to the Toy Industry Association.

The 5 ft. Snuffles for the 30th anniversary

I have been traveling in the past couple days, and I missed the first introduction of the 5ft. Anniversary Snuffles in New York City at the Toy Fair in Javitz Centre.

Pictures are finally out. Several articles can be found on the web. I will collect them and post the links later.

I am hoping to get some high resolution pictures in the coming days.

And I wonder what kind of other anniversary snuffles Gund will introduce? I heard there was at least one more anniversary snuffles introduced at the Toy Fair, but I have not heard any details not have I seen any pictures.

While I originally was planning to attend the Toy Fair, my busy schedule did not allow me to fly to New York. I wish I could have gone, I would have taken tons of pictures of the Snuffles and would have shown the comparison in size to a human. He must be HUGE...

Well, more information to come soon hopefully. Will post links later.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chubby and Snuffeline sleeping...

Left is called Chubby, right is called Snuffeline. They are sleeping and tired from all the hard work of sitting pretty all day long...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Giorgio's handstand, he is sending bearhugs to Beanie

Sophia, you inspired me with Beanie's handstand, so Giorgio decided to train the handstand as well. He is happy as a clam, he made it...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My last poll closed: How many snuffles do you have?

False information about Atlanta

This information about the huge Gund Snuffles being shown in Atlanta was not correct. The bear was not shown there and will be shown first in New York around Valentines Day.

Click here to read the article with the wrong information, I am not sure how this information got out there?

The largest snuffles that has been found up to now

Linda told me her story of when she sold a very large Snuffles a couple years ago. The whole story was posted in my blog last year.

Well, I have been talking about this Snuffles with her again, and this is what she said to me:

"The one I sold was about 54 inches tall and it stood by itself."

"He was made of plush and the same fabric as the small ones only he had a nice felt nose not like the ones that wear off.He was a display unit for FAO Schwartz and had all the tags."

Linda told me that the person she sold the Snuffles to turned around and sold it for $3000 to another collector. That has to be the highest price ever paid for Snuffles. Amazing story.

Anyhow, it looks like we are going to have another huge 5ft. Snuffles soon, but in a way I feel it would be great if Gund made more than one. If they made 30, because it is the 30th Anniversary, I am sure they could find 30 crazy Snuffles lovers who would pay good money for him. I am sure, that I would. And I am not alone...

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