Friday, March 14, 2014

Thoughts about Snuffles...

Thoughts about Snuffles from fellow Reader Sarah...

Like a potato chip, you can't have just one!
You hear that expression about so many things, but it certainly is true of Snuffles. As soon as my child was of an age for that special teddy bear, I knew it had to be a Snuffles. So Moon Pie, our black 13inch, came to join my pink 10inch, Cloudbeary. Soon I was remembering how much I'd always wanted the little brown Snuff my childhood friend had, and ThornBjorn joined our clan. I love our little Snuffles family, yet I already am thinking of more to cute a mini Cloudbeary would be (vintage 7 inch pink) and I really should have bought that white floppy Snuffles I saw in a local gift shop around Valentine's day. Hmmm, something tells me our Snuffles collection will continue to grow ;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A message from a reader

Well, every once in a while I receive really great Messages from readers of this blog.  They tell me the stories how they got their first snuffles, how much they adore snuffles and how big of a role snuffles plays in their lifes.  This is even more amazing as we are usually (well generally always) talking about adults who still enjoy snuffles, a toy teddybear.

I can relate very well to that. 

Sarah sent me the following message and told me I can share it with you:

Hello! I love your Snuffles blog!

I have collected plush toys and dolls since I was a Little girl. As a child of the 80s, that collection includes a Snuffles of course! She is a pink 10 inch named Cloudbeary and I adore her. You can't beat Snuffles for cuddlieness or cuteness!!! Because of this, I wanted my little one to have a Snuffles and purchased the exclusive black bear from Jan's Bear Essentials last year. Most recently, I added a seven inch vintage brown bear Snuffles to our collection. I joke he was for my Husband who was the only member of the family to not own a Snuffles, but really he is to be our travel size Snuff. When I was a kid, my friend had the small brown Snuff and I always wanted him, so now I do!

I've attached pictures of Cloudbeary with another fave 80s teddy, North American Bear Company's Queen Elizabear. I also included a picture of my most recent Snuffles sighting around Valentine's day at a local gift shop. Feel free to use my pictures and story...I will send more if you like :)

Well, I would love to get more Pictures, Sarah, when you read this next time.  Thanks for the wonderful message.