Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snuffles in Japan

This photo of the two snuffles was taken in Sept of 2001 in Japan at a Ryokan, in Kyoto---they are getting ready for bed.

(Photo courtesy of Sandra)

A T-shirt with snuffles

I had this t-shirt made today, with the beautiful picture of Enoch. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Snuffles playing with the big guy...

They are having fun...

Kobie joined the snuffles family

Here comes Kobie, and although he may possess some similarity with snuffles, he is not a snuffles.  However he is extremely well made, very soft and cuddly, his fur is wonderfully soft.  Well, no more talk, look at the photo...

Isn't this a really cute fellow?

The big Snuffles - new order coming in @

Hi all,

I sold my last big Snuffles this morning. I contacted Gund and they are just about sold out of the big guy but I was able to order 5 more which should arrive in a week or so.
Gund has ordered more but they won't be arriving til the 4th quarter.   Of course that will be perfect for holiday giving.

Jan from

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A couple big ones...

Hope you enjoy these photos which were sent to me by a fellow reader and snuffles lover.

(pictures courtesy of M.)

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Review and Giveaway: 30th Birthday Snuffles teddy bear from GUND (CLOSED)

This escaped my attention last year, nevertheless, I still would like to mention it for fellow snuffles lovers.  Check the link of last years giveaway.

Found a new page with pictures of Snuffles

Here is a link.
The two big snuffles with the little mohair snuffles... 

Revamped my blog

Hi all,

I decided to revamp my blog, design it a little more different and use a more pleasing set of colors.  I think the brownish colors match the purpose of presenting snuffles much better.  I am always looking for suggestions from my readership.  Feel free to comment.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jan's last 34 inch snuffles is for sale now

Jan of has been a great help to support my snuffles collections over the last couple years.  Especially since I moved to Germany, she has been of great help.

Jan ordered 90 of the big snuffleses, and has sold all but one.  The last one is finally for sale, feel free to contact her via her homepage. 

Gund is keeping the stir and creating new baby snuffleses soon.  Hope to have some photos for all my visitors here.  Meanwhile, check the snuffles page on facebook.

Snuffles magnets

 single magnet
 4 piece magnet set
 votive candle
Photo or note holder

(photos courtesy of Jan @

Personally, I have the 4 piece set which is really cute.

It is quite interesting to see all the different things related to snuffles that were produced a long time ago by Gund.  This is one of them.

New baby snuffles coming in August

Take a look at the snuffles facebook page, there is a photo of new new upcoming baby snuffles.  More information to come soon hopefully. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some photos of a new addition: 20 inch tan snuffles

(Photos courtesy of Karen and Vinnie)

See how the big snuffles gets packaged...

Jan from emailed me a load of photos showing how the big snuffles arrives in her shop, and how she is packaging him and shipping him.

I had two big snuffles shipped to me in Germany. The both arrived safe and sound although they had such a long trip and were packaged in an even smaller box due to international restrictions. Both suffered no damage whatsoever.

Anyhow, I would like to let the photos speak. Enjoy. And enjoy the new biggest snuffles ever sold if you get one. He is awesome.

I am citing Jan's words, so don't be surprised at some emotional comments, but I think that shows the true challenge of shipping nearly 90 big snuffles worldwide.

Well, here is a story in pictures of the nightmare in my shop.

Each step is captioned from the time Snuffles arrives til he is ready to go out the door.

First step is to tape together the new boxes
Fold down sides
And cut to 24 x 24 x 18
Unpack the Snuffles from his shipping carton
Flatten shipping carton (to be hauled to recycling place later today)
Now is the trick - convincing Snuffles to fit in the smaller box
Hold your breath Snuffles, it's a tight squeeze
Done. Multi rows of tape holds box together.
Now, only 30 more to go . . .

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