Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink and blue swirl snuffles

Someone posted a comment looking for the pink swirl snuffles to complement their blue swirl snuffles. Well, there is an auction currently that sells both, and the price is reasonable I think. These are the smaller ones. Here is the link. I usually do not advertise snuffles, but I hope I can help the person.

OK, here you go, just click here.

Please be aware that this is NOT my auction and that I do not know the seller, so be cautious, buy the seller, not the item, you know how they say. I would hate to see someone getting ripped off based on my recommendation.

Happy Halloween!

Ready for some trick or treating.  Hope you have a sweet day!  (Bex thinks he looks like a rapper.  I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise.)  - Sophia, Marvie, and Bex

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Snuffles in bear school with their teacher

Giorgio and his buddies in bear school. They are learning German here...LOL

Snuffles in the Black Forest

Giorgio, my beloved Snuffles that always travels with me, accompanied me to the Black Forest. Unfortunately, any outdor photos did not turn out usable. But here he is with his new car...LOL

Giorgio ready to go to bed after a long day.

Giorgio trying to use the shower in the morning. And he is checking in the mirror that he is looking handsome and clean.

New Snuffles!

Hi, guys! I've got a new Snuffles on her way, and I'm so excited! I've had Bloo for about 18 months and have been desperately searching for his counterparts. <--- Bloo has a blue nose and sparkly blue fur interspersed in his fluffy fur, just in case anyone was unsure of why he's so special.

Anyway, my mom and I decided to do a random eBay search last weekend and who should pop up but the pink one?! I was so excited that I made her buy it immediately...I paid for her, and she's on her way to my house!

The picture beneath is the one from the auction, but when she arrives, I'm getting the entire crew out and taking pictures for you guys!

Excitedly awaiting her latest baby,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yellow snuffles sold at auction for 71 US$

Isn't this a cute snuffles? He is from 1980. I rarely have seen this yellow snuffles. The auction result reflects the rarity I believe.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming news

I acquired two new Snuffles items that are being shipped to me as I type. Will post pictures as soon as I get them. Something different in both cases.

I took some pictures of Giorgio in the Black Forest, have to see how they turned out and may post them in the coming days. He is my travel snuffles.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Snuffles record

This is a record that has some snuffles on it. A Christmas record.

Photo thanks to Jan's Bear Essentials.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giorgio and his brother checking the Snuffles dealer catalogue

Giorgio and his brother Snuddles to the left are checking a dealer catalogue of all their brothers and sisters. They did not want to be disturbed, so I photographed them secretly. ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marvie's Travel Pictures

Hi all, this is Sophia again.  I thought I'd share some pictures of Marvie's travels today.

Here is Marvie's and my shadow in the NYC modern art museum.  This is an exhibit of rotating colored lights.  Really great exhibit if you've never seen it.

Here is a picture of Marvie having a picnic in Central Park.

And here he is enjoying a cup of joe and dessert on his last day in NYC.  (The moose is his pet.)

Friday, October 9, 2009


I never thought that so many adults are attached to a snuffles teddybear?! This is amazing. Snuffles really is touching our hearts, and I hope the people at Gund are reading this blog and will start making some new and beautiful snuffles. I could imagine to get a bigger Mohair snuffles, maybe a black snuffles? Maybe unusual colors such as orange, dark blue, dark green, lilac etc.? I cannot understand that for years we have not seen a new snuffles coming out of the Gund factory?

For quite a while I used my large snuffles as a pillow. Unfortunately, I made him so dirty by doing so, that I decided to clean him up which took me 2 weeks, now he looks like new. I just cleaned him with water and a sponge, and had him dry in the sun while it still was summer. He does not smell any more and he looks very clean now, but I decided not to use him as a pillow any more. For now at least.

Well, next year will be the 30th anniversary of snuffles. I wonder if we will see a new anniversary snuffles then?

Story of my first Snuffles

Hi, everyone! My name is J (at least, that's my blogger name) and I'm a proud Snuffles owner. When I say proud, I mean I cherish and own 21 Snuffles bears in almost every color imaginable, and I'm always collecting more. I didn't want to see this blog die, so I figured I'd join the posting!

This is the story of my first Snuffles bear. I was 8 years old when my mom was cleaning the attic. I'd say I was helping, but I was 8...I was probably just getting in the way. While sorting through old stuff, she came across a beaten up old Snuffles, like the one to the right. He was a 10" tan with a completely bald nose and his smile missing. My mom had purchased him for my older sister when she was born, back in 1982. I claimed him as my own and took him everywhere for the following 18 months. Then, through a paperwork mistake, my younger sister and I were put in foster care. (It's a flawed system.) It took them four months to clear it up and bring us home. The day we left, my foster mom packed up my Snuffles rather than letting me carry him. The bag he was in ended up being taken home by another little boy going home that day. They didn't return the bag, and I never saw my Snuffles again.

I remember being horribly heartbroken and missing him every day for years. I'll be 21 in less than a month, and I still miss him. But for Christmas the year I was 14, my parents bought me another just like him. That kickstarted my affinity for the Snuffles bear all over again, and I've since collected a beautiful group of them.

I'll post pictures of my group as soon as I get the chance!


More names of snuffles from other visitors

Since this story was posted in the comments section, I wanted to take it here so everyone can read it.

My favorite Snuffles is a snow white one who is slightly bigger than my others. He's a special edition and sits about 16 inches. His name is Bryan, after my husband. My husband thinks it's lame and doesn't completely understand my obsession with Snuffles, which is why I'm glad I stumbled across this blog.

(comment from "J")

Another story posted in comments:

I am a little embarrassed to even say this, but... I have a Platinum (vintage) that I sleep with every night. His name is Henry. It started out as sort of a heating pad to ease stomach pain, then turned into an impossible habit to break. I never had a stuffed animal that I was attached to as a child, but now... ! My husband has great animosity toward poor Henry, who has never done a thing other than be a most excellent wrist pillow, and - for some odd reason - help me sleep. I love him. Henry, I mean. My husband is okay, too ;o)

(comment from "I")

Petition to Gund to ask them to make more Snuffles!

I wonder if I am one of the few Snuffles lovers out there who thinks Gund should start making more different snuffles again? What do you think? Please post your comments. I would like to collect opinions of other collectors and snuffles fans. Just add your opinions in my comments.

Names of your snuffles

I have given some of my snuffles names as well, and I have a most loved snuffles. His name is Giorgio. The reason I call him Giorgio is because he loves perfume, especially Giorgio Armani. He does not look new any more, that is because of my travels and cuddling. He deserves it.

Would love to hear from other blog readers what their names for their snuffles are, and if you have some stories about their personalities. Please email me with these stories so I can share them with others.

My email is redsub @ gmail. com.

I am looking forward to hearing from you collectors and snuffles lovers out there. Come on, let us all contribute to this blog.

So here is picture of Giorgio:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Intro and Marvie

Hi all!  My name is Sophia, and I'll be helping B out with the blog occasionally.  A little about me: I've been a huge Snuffles fan ever since I was kid.  I'm currently not an active collector because of financial constraints but hope to be in the future.  I have a collection of about 20 bears of which I'll try to post pictures later.

Onward to Snuffles!  This is a picture of Marvie.  I realize he's not a very special Snuffles, and he's relatively current but I love him so much because of his great personality.  You can see he's a little worn from all the love and travel.

I would love to hear from all of you out there about what your Snuffles is named!  I'm sure there are a lot of creative names out there!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Gund news...

- GUND(R) Outfits its Sales Force with a Mobile Ordering System from Intermec and Apacheta - Click here to read more.

- Mostlybears newsletter - click here.

Things you did not know about Gund...

- For GUND’s 100th anniversary celebration
in 1998, Rita Raiffe designed a one-of-akind
GUND bear that sold at auction for
$100,000. All of the proceeds were donated
to four children’s charities, including the
Pediatric AIDS Foundation and the
Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex
County, New Jersey.

- The GUND Foundation was formed over
20 years ago and provides children in “distressed”
situations with a toy to hug.
Working with select organizations, the
Foundation has contributed more than
500,000 GUND toys to sick, impoverished,
or displaced children.

- Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the
naming of the teddy bear in 2002, the U.S.
Postal Service chose to use a GUND bear
on its commemorative stamp recognizing
the 1902 naming of the teddy.


3 phantastic Snuffles music videos - a must see!

First one, the Dancing Bears - 1,2,3,4, click here to view the video.

Second one, the Dancing Bear, dancing to the music of Thriller, click here to view the video.

Third one, the Dancing Bears, Stuck in the middle, click here to see the video.

(Thank you to Karen and her sister Christine for sharing these with me, they have created these lovely and cute videos (as they call it: stop motion videos))

I hope more of my readers of this blog will give me some cool contributions to keep this blog going for all us snuffles lovers.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I hate to see this blog die...

I hate to see this blog die. Since I moved to Germany, I have very little opportunity to acquire new snuffleses, and it is difficult to find out what is going on with snuffles. I am still looking for one or more people who would like to contribute to this blog with information, pictures, stories about snuffles. I liked very much how Sophia gave me pictures of her snuffles wedding. I wonder if other people out there create stories with their snuffles like that?

Snuffles has never been sold in Germany. They sell Snuffles in England which is the only European country I believe.

Anyhow, I know I have a few readers of my blog and maybe some of you like to step up, and I can grant you permission to post in this blog.

If you like to contact me, this is my email: redsub(at) and replace the (at) with @.

I would truly hate to see this blog die...