Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year fellow Snuffleistas!

Happy New Year to all fellow Snuffles lovers (I will call them Snuffleistas ;) ) around the globe.  I have met people from China, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, and obviously the US and many more countries who collect snuffles.  Snuffles is much more famous than I may have expected.  And I am not surprised.  Snuffles is a teddybear with a big smile in his face, a smile that spells happiness and joy. 

Thanks to the contributors to support my blog and post their Snuffles pictures. 

Living in Europe for now over 3 years, I find it wonderful that the Snuffles blog can still continue and finds so many supporters. 

Happy New Year 2013!  Enjoy your snuffles!