Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy holidays and a happy new year 2017!

I wish everybody happy holidays and a happy new year 2017!

Enjoy and god bless.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The smaller 20 inch Millenium snuffles from 2000

Snuffles collectors are still active.  A beautiful 20 inch Millenium snuffles sold within just a few days on Ebay. 

The 20 incher is kind of my only snuffles I really would like to get.  Just timing is not right for me right now, so I did not get this one.

I want to share the pictures of the one sold with you.  He is flawless, in perfect condition.  What a cutie...

Enjoy the pictures which were shot in sunny Florida.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Courtesy of reader Nathalie from Belgium who loves snuffles like all of us. It is cool to see this famous American teddybear having fans all over the world. From the US to Europe to Asia, snuffles is loved everywhere. Enjoy her wonderful pictures.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hot snuffles on Ebay

By accident I saw some very rare and in excellent condition older snuffles on Ebay today.

One is a 30 inch white snuffles (not Pottery Barn), which must be from the early 1990s I assume? 

The other is a later 1990s 20 inch tan snuffles (which happened to be my first snuffles I got in 1997).

Then there is a mohair snuffles, which tend to be quite rare. 
All three are quite rare, especially in this like new condition.  The snuffles are in Europe, namely France.  Good luck.

Have you ever seen a white 30 inch Pottery Barn snuffles?

Have you ever seen a Pottery Barn Snuffles this large?  He is a 30 inch huge white snuffles with the curly kind of fur of the Pottery Barn Snuffles series.  First time I see one, and this one is like new.

Pictures are courtesy of Karen and Vinnie.  Just like the pictures of the newest snuffles that just came out.  

He is a very cute and cuddly fellow, for sale on Ebay in case you are interested.   

Anyone knows what happened to Karthryn's snuffles website?  She had the most comprehensive snuffles website for years and now it is down?

I am not sure how rare this one is, but I have never seen one before.  Possibly this is a one of?

No matter how rare, this is a very cuddly fellow.  As I have to cut down on my own snuffles collection, my rooms are full so are my shelves, I hope he will find a great new home. 

News: new Salted Caramel Snuffles Bears arrived

Karen sent me the latest news and pictures of a new snuffles.
So the new Salted Caramel Snuffles Bears have arrived. They are very pretty with the quality I have been looking for, for a very long time now. They are similar to and the same size as the 10" 30th Birthday Caramel and Chocolate Snuffles.
Included are pictures with both of the 10" Birthday Snuffles. The color seems to be somewhere in between the Caramel and Chocolate Snuffles Bears with a lighter color near the body. The chest moon is beige instead of white and is a shorter length plush than the body. The plush on the rest of the body is longer than on the 10" 30th Birthday Snuffles. They are very soft and huggable. 
Karen said that she would wish Gund had made a larger size also like the 15" 30th Birthday Snuffles. 
These new snuffles are made exclusively for Cuddlebug Toy Factory and have a paper hang tag that says "made exclusively for cuddlebug toy factory". 
The tush tag says " MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR CUDDLEBUG TOY FACTORY BY GUND". The item number is 4057569. 
For those who are interested, they are only sold on Amazon.


Monday, August 15, 2016

A perfect Millenium snuffles

Christie, a reader of my blog, emailed me pictures of her snuffles, a true treasure.  A Millenium, 30 inch big size snuffles.  And to top it all, he is "unloved" (I don't mean not loved, just not touched, I am sure Christie loves him tons), new old stock, in perfect condition like he was bought today. 
So here come the pictures, enjoy. 

I am not living in the United States any more which is part of the reason you see rarely new postings.  I depend on readers to send me pictures. 

And if I get a chance, I will shoot some pictures of some of my snuffles...

Jonathan's new snuffles called Caramel

I am loving it that readers of my blog are messaging me with pictures of their latest snuffles.

While Gund seems to be quite calm at the moment about bringing new snuffles to the market, the collector community and lover of snuffles are still very active.

Jonathan messaged me his latest snuffles, he is calling him Caramel.