Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gund Snuffles Pottery Barn in white

Snuffles on the day of departure to Germany. My friend drove me to the airport and the bigger Snuffles stayed with her while I kept the little Snuffles.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gund Snuffles 30 inches tall in white


This auction ended today at $177.50.

He is the biggest snuffles with 30 inches, looks like in nice condition, so I expected the price to go higher, compared to past auction results, this was relatively low.

If I weren't moving, I would have thrown in my bid as well.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

This is how big the biggest snuffles are


I thought this is cool to see how big the biggest snuffles are in relation to us. I found this amazing photo on Flickr.


These pictures show some snuffles that I see rather seldom. The Doll with a little Snuffles in her hand does not show up often. The very dark brown bear is made in Korea, I thought he would be one of these Japanese made Snuffles, but then he would not be sitting so upright.

The butterscotch Snuffles is quite rare.

Last, but not least, the pink snuffles I have never seen in this kind of pink tone. Made in 1980.

Monday, May 18, 2009

White Pottery Barn Snuffles big and small

These are the newest members of my snuffles family coming soon. Picture is from seller.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

The best Snuffles sources

Click here: gotta get a gund

Click here: bearstreet

Click here: reality productions

Click here: Wikipedia

Looks like a source to buy a fake snuffles?

This looks like a manufacturer for possibly fake snuffles from Indonesia??? Strange.

Click here

Bear Toys website

Click here

If you browse down on the site, you will find an offer for a bedtime buddy snuffles. Probably missing in many collections. Cute, isn't he?

Green snuffles

A green snuffles sold for over $700 years ago, this is an article on it.

Click here

More pictures

I think this Totem Pole of 4 snuffles looks very cute.


I linked all the photos directly. Some direct links do not seem to work unfortunately.

More pictures from Picasa

These pictures are like a funny story showing the life of snuffles with other animals.


Snuffles pictures from different websites

The pictures stem from sites such as,, and others.

I thought, these pictures may be entertaining to snuffles lovers.

I found the bearmarket picture especially funny.

More pictures in the coming posts. Also, I am going to show the handful or less best sites on snuffles. I think that is a repeat, but there may be readers of my blog who do not want to browse that far back in time which is why I am posting it again later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Huge Snuffles sold today

This huge 30 inch snuffles sold today for 207 US$. This has been quite a pricedrop compared to prices in the past years.


Monday, May 4, 2009

I am packing to move my stuff to Germany by ship. I have 3 weeks left in the US, and then I am leaving. These boxes will take 5 weeks to arrive in Germany. I have built the boxes inside with bedding to protect the snuffles, call me crazy. The large Snuffles will also be in protective plastic. This is a huge move for me, I never expected to leave America, but I want to be with my better half. Inside of two of the boxes are tons of little snuffes. Box number 3 is for the 3 foot grey silver snuffles. He needs one box alone for himself.

My Ebay listing of a 25th Anniversary large 20 inch pink Snuffles

Click here to see my listing

I have put my extra large Snuffles on Ebay because I am moving abroad, and my collection has grown so huge that I already have three large boxes full of Snuffles which I am shipping by boat to Germany. Keeping the pink bear would mean I have to use a 4th box, at least in part. Now, I am a lover and collector of these Snuffles, I do not mean to be greedy, but I would like to recoup my investment. I have never paid more money for a Snuffles than for this 25th Anniversary large 20 inch Snuffles. I think he is extremely cute, but I have so many others and I hope I can find a good home for him. I am accepting offers, but please, consider the rarity of this bear. I may keep him if I cannot come close to what I paid. As you can tell, I am really an avid collector of these bears, and I will give them a good home in Germany. I am sure, I will be the only person in Germany who owns Snuffles. I have a 3 foot grey Snuffles which I am keeping, he alone needs one box for himself.

I hope one of you Snuffles lovers out there will give my Snuffles a good and loving home. As far as I know, Gund only made 300 of these. That would make this Snuffles one of the rarest Snuffles out there.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

14 inch tan snuffles reference 15170

Isn't this Snuffles cute? I lost the bidding, he is reference 15170, 14 inches tall. To my knowledge, this bear was only made in 2004. Well, it probably is better that I did not win the bid, because I should rather sell than buy right now due to my moving. The bidprice ended at $61.