Monday, August 15, 2016

A perfect Millenium snuffles

Christie, a reader of my blog, emailed me pictures of her snuffles, a true treasure.  A Millenium, 30 inch big size snuffles.  And to top it all, he is "unloved" (I don't mean not loved, just not touched, I am sure Christie loves him tons), new old stock, in perfect condition like he was bought today. 
So here come the pictures, enjoy. 

I am not living in the United States any more which is part of the reason you see rarely new postings.  I depend on readers to send me pictures. 

And if I get a chance, I will shoot some pictures of some of my snuffles...

Jonathan's new snuffles called Caramel

I am loving it that readers of my blog are messaging me with pictures of their latest snuffles.

While Gund seems to be quite calm at the moment about bringing new snuffles to the market, the collector community and lover of snuffles are still very active.

Jonathan messaged me his latest snuffles, he is calling him Caramel.