Monday, November 30, 2009

Marvie's Trip to Grandma's House

Marvie is going to visit Grandma for Thanksgiving.  He's very excited.

He rides an airplane to the east coast.

He sees his family and gives them a big bear hug.

Grandma makes him giant dumplings!  It was a great holiday for Marvie.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gund Stitcher, and not Snuffles?


I have never heard nor seen this kind of snuffles with this tag? Anyone know more about the story behind this snuffles?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giorgio loves Mentos

Giorgio just grabbed my Mentos today, looks like he loves them as much as I do... ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giorgio is reading Dan Brown's latest novel

Giorgio is starting to read a new novel. Dan Brown is his favorite. He read all 4 books sofar.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What a story about Snuffles, the bear, from Linda.

Shortly before I moved to Germany, I bought a small snuffles from Linda, a socalled Hanukkah Snuffles. Back then, I believe I posted pictures of him on my blog. Anyhow, Linda sent me an email back then with a wonderful story about a Snuffles which she sold on auction. I think her story is just wonderful, and I just saw that she posted this story on the internet as well.

Here is a link, a very enjoyable read.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A few rare snuffles... and funny...


This snuffles carries a very strong pink color. Never seen this in real.

This is cute, snuffles getting a Coke...

I have never seen this blue midsize snuffles before. Must be pretty rare.

Blonde snuffles


This blonde snuffles has a color that I have not seen often. Wondering what reference he carries? He is from 1981.

The biggest snuffles (30 inches)

Thanks to Kristina, I have two photos of the two biggest snuffles monsters. They are 30 inches tall. I only recall one opportunity where I could have acquired these two snuffles. But the seller found someone who offered more and send my check back to me. Not exactly professional, but at least honest. These snuffles are very cuddly "monsters" as I call them. I love to hug my big millenium snuffles monster every day.

Kristina told me that these two were made in two different countries, China and Korea. She will let me know whichone was made where.

According to her description, "the brown one is made much better than the white one. The brown one has smooth, silky, dark fur and a plump body, plus his face is pretty wide and symmetrical. The white one's fur is coarser and he is a little lumpy. His face is skinnier and he has a little bit of a smirk. He is also a bit stiffer, which is actually better, because the brown one has difficulty sitting up straight."

Looking forward to more pictures from Kristina.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pyama Bag Snuffles

This has been my latest acquisition, a Snuffles Pyama Bag. He is actually pretty large, I was surprised, you can nearly fit in the 9 inch 25th anniversary snuffles. Will take more pictures tomorrow.

To Kcho, who posted several pictures and comments, if you do not mind, I would love to get some pictures of your big snuffles for my blog, I have never seen them in real. Feel free to email me, my email is in a previous post here.

Where snuffles can be found in the US?

And as a response to stores that sell snuffles, I know that in New York City on 14th street somewhere on the two blocks between 2nd Ave and Ave A there's a card store that sell all the current snuffle sizes. I don't think the NY FAO has snuffles (unless I didn't look closely enough..)

There is also a store in central New Jersey, near Princeton University, that sometimes has Snuffles on sale, although I haven't checked lately. Also, in Jersey Gardens outlet mall near Newark Airport, the Off Saks and Bloomingdales outlets sometimes have snuffles (I bought my pink 25th anniversary one from there, at the time there were 5 or 6! They may have been slightly irregular, but not something that stops me. In hindsight I should have picked up another one!)

In fact, in St. Louis, there is a mall with a Saks Fifth Avenue and a Bloomingdales, and both have had the medium (8" or 10") white snuffles in the kids section. Those department stores might be worth checking out all over the US.

Also, in San Francisco's Japantown Center (on the side with all the restaurants) there is a small store in the middle that had a couple of the extra large snuffles on display.

And last but not least, I have a friend at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire that bought her snuffles from the campus bookstore!

Snuffles are still around, it just might take a little searching :)

(Taken from the last comment, hope this is valuable information for all you snuffles lovers and collectors)

For all I know, there is not a single snuffles store in Germany. I heard that snuffles was sold in England, but not sure if that is still true.

Response to some of your comments

First, I would like to respond to the beautiful japanese Snuffles blog and the person who posted the link. I am amazed that Snuffles even has fans as far away as in Japan.

Stores that carry Snuffles in the US have become a rarity. I think FAO Schwartz in Chicago which is located inside of Marshall Fields I believe may carry Snuffles, but I am not sure. From all I can see, I am finding Snuffles pretty much through the web and that is all.

I wanted to post the link to the japanese snuffles blog, because the pictures and picture stories of snuffles are just very cute and amazing.

Click here to visit the japanese snuffles blog.

Second, to the comment with two beautiful pictures of an impressive and amazing snuffles collection, I want to post these two picture links below for my visitors, and would love to receive more pictures of this amazing collection. My email is "redsub @ gmail. com" if you like send pictures to me which I can post in this blog.

I am very happy that my blog finds so much attention, and that people from all over the world have found snuffles, in my eyes the cutest teddybear in the world.

Last but not least, if you like to follow my blog posts and receive updates, I think you can click on Follow with Google friend connect and then you should receive updates whenever I post new threads.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Snuffles with clothing such as sweaters etc.


I found this snuffles at a wellknown internet auction house and I am always wondering, who are the people that take the time to create such cool clothing for snuffles? I wish I possessed the skill to create this. Are there any visitors of this blog who create clothing for their snuffles? Would love to see pictures, email me at (redsub @ gmail . com) if you have pictures.