Friday, November 6, 2009

Where snuffles can be found in the US?

And as a response to stores that sell snuffles, I know that in New York City on 14th street somewhere on the two blocks between 2nd Ave and Ave A there's a card store that sell all the current snuffle sizes. I don't think the NY FAO has snuffles (unless I didn't look closely enough..)

There is also a store in central New Jersey, near Princeton University, that sometimes has Snuffles on sale, although I haven't checked lately. Also, in Jersey Gardens outlet mall near Newark Airport, the Off Saks and Bloomingdales outlets sometimes have snuffles (I bought my pink 25th anniversary one from there, at the time there were 5 or 6! They may have been slightly irregular, but not something that stops me. In hindsight I should have picked up another one!)

In fact, in St. Louis, there is a mall with a Saks Fifth Avenue and a Bloomingdales, and both have had the medium (8" or 10") white snuffles in the kids section. Those department stores might be worth checking out all over the US.

Also, in San Francisco's Japantown Center (on the side with all the restaurants) there is a small store in the middle that had a couple of the extra large snuffles on display.

And last but not least, I have a friend at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire that bought her snuffles from the campus bookstore!

Snuffles are still around, it just might take a little searching :)

(Taken from the last comment, hope this is valuable information for all you snuffles lovers and collectors)

For all I know, there is not a single snuffles store in Germany. I heard that snuffles was sold in England, but not sure if that is still true.
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