Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My understanding is that Geocities is shutting down. Unfortunately. There are several very good Snuffles homepages hosted on Geocities, I do not know if the owners of these homepages will move their sites to another service. I just wanted to mention this.

If you click here, you will see several good links to Snuffles homepages that may soon be disconnected.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What kind of Snuffles would you design that does not exist?

If you could have a custom ordered Snuffles, what kind of Snuffles would you like to have? I am curious what collectors and snuffles lovers around the world are thinking? Please post your ideas in my comments. I hope that a lot of people will participate.

OK, sofar I have only received one suggestion, however, this one is really interesting: a Panda Snuffles. Wouldn't that be an exciting idea?

Looks like I have a whole bunch of suggestions now:
1 - a Panda Snuffles
2 - a 14-inch snuffles with bright, slightly shimmering, rainbow
stripe fur
3 - a 7-inch crimson red snuff
4 - a large 30 inch Mohair snuffles

What else?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first snuffles

This was my very first snuffles, I bought him about 10 years ago in Chicago, at FAO Schwartz on Michigan Avenue back then. His nose is a little bit rubbed off, other than that, he is still in great condition. He is the 20 inch snuffles, a great size.

He is sitting in my sofa chair. To date, he is my favorite and most loved snuffles.

But his fellow brothers and sisters are on the way to Germany, it is taking forever, nearly 2 months. Maybe the boat ran out of gas??? LOL