Friday, July 17, 2009

What kind of Snuffles would you design that does not exist?

If you could have a custom ordered Snuffles, what kind of Snuffles would you like to have? I am curious what collectors and snuffles lovers around the world are thinking? Please post your ideas in my comments. I hope that a lot of people will participate.

OK, sofar I have only received one suggestion, however, this one is really interesting: a Panda Snuffles. Wouldn't that be an exciting idea?

Looks like I have a whole bunch of suggestions now:
1 - a Panda Snuffles
2 - a 14-inch snuffles with bright, slightly shimmering, rainbow
stripe fur
3 - a 7-inch crimson red snuff
4 - a large 30 inch Mohair snuffles

What else?
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