Saturday, November 7, 2009

The biggest snuffles (30 inches)

Thanks to Kristina, I have two photos of the two biggest snuffles monsters. They are 30 inches tall. I only recall one opportunity where I could have acquired these two snuffles. But the seller found someone who offered more and send my check back to me. Not exactly professional, but at least honest. These snuffles are very cuddly "monsters" as I call them. I love to hug my big millenium snuffles monster every day.

Kristina told me that these two were made in two different countries, China and Korea. She will let me know whichone was made where.

According to her description, "the brown one is made much better than the white one. The brown one has smooth, silky, dark fur and a plump body, plus his face is pretty wide and symmetrical. The white one's fur is coarser and he is a little lumpy. His face is skinnier and he has a little bit of a smirk. He is also a bit stiffer, which is actually better, because the brown one has difficulty sitting up straight."

Looking forward to more pictures from Kristina.
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