Monday, May 4, 2009

My Ebay listing of a 25th Anniversary large 20 inch pink Snuffles

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I have put my extra large Snuffles on Ebay because I am moving abroad, and my collection has grown so huge that I already have three large boxes full of Snuffles which I am shipping by boat to Germany. Keeping the pink bear would mean I have to use a 4th box, at least in part. Now, I am a lover and collector of these Snuffles, I do not mean to be greedy, but I would like to recoup my investment. I have never paid more money for a Snuffles than for this 25th Anniversary large 20 inch Snuffles. I think he is extremely cute, but I have so many others and I hope I can find a good home for him. I am accepting offers, but please, consider the rarity of this bear. I may keep him if I cannot come close to what I paid. As you can tell, I am really an avid collector of these bears, and I will give them a good home in Germany. I am sure, I will be the only person in Germany who owns Snuffles. I have a 3 foot grey Snuffles which I am keeping, he alone needs one box for himself.

I hope one of you Snuffles lovers out there will give my Snuffles a good and loving home. As far as I know, Gund only made 300 of these. That would make this Snuffles one of the rarest Snuffles out there.
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