Monday, November 7, 2016

Have you ever seen a white 30 inch Pottery Barn snuffles?

Have you ever seen a Pottery Barn Snuffles this large?  He is a 30 inch huge white snuffles with the curly kind of fur of the Pottery Barn Snuffles series.  First time I see one, and this one is like new.

Pictures are courtesy of Karen and Vinnie.  Just like the pictures of the newest snuffles that just came out.  

He is a very cute and cuddly fellow, for sale on Ebay in case you are interested.   

Anyone knows what happened to Karthryn's snuffles website?  She had the most comprehensive snuffles website for years and now it is down?

I am not sure how rare this one is, but I have never seen one before.  Possibly this is a one of?

No matter how rare, this is a very cuddly fellow.  As I have to cut down on my own snuffles collection, my rooms are full so are my shelves, I hope he will find a great new home. 
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