Monday, November 7, 2016

News: new Salted Caramel Snuffles Bears arrived

Karen sent me the latest news and pictures of a new snuffles.
So the new Salted Caramel Snuffles Bears have arrived. They are very pretty with the quality I have been looking for, for a very long time now. They are similar to and the same size as the 10" 30th Birthday Caramel and Chocolate Snuffles.
Included are pictures with both of the 10" Birthday Snuffles. The color seems to be somewhere in between the Caramel and Chocolate Snuffles Bears with a lighter color near the body. The chest moon is beige instead of white and is a shorter length plush than the body. The plush on the rest of the body is longer than on the 10" 30th Birthday Snuffles. They are very soft and huggable. 
Karen said that she would wish Gund had made a larger size also like the 15" 30th Birthday Snuffles. 
These new snuffles are made exclusively for Cuddlebug Toy Factory and have a paper hang tag that says "made exclusively for cuddlebug toy factory". 
The tush tag says " MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR CUDDLEBUG TOY FACTORY BY GUND". The item number is 4057569. 
For those who are interested, they are only sold on Amazon.

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