Friday, October 9, 2009


I never thought that so many adults are attached to a snuffles teddybear?! This is amazing. Snuffles really is touching our hearts, and I hope the people at Gund are reading this blog and will start making some new and beautiful snuffles. I could imagine to get a bigger Mohair snuffles, maybe a black snuffles? Maybe unusual colors such as orange, dark blue, dark green, lilac etc.? I cannot understand that for years we have not seen a new snuffles coming out of the Gund factory?

For quite a while I used my large snuffles as a pillow. Unfortunately, I made him so dirty by doing so, that I decided to clean him up which took me 2 weeks, now he looks like new. I just cleaned him with water and a sponge, and had him dry in the sun while it still was summer. He does not smell any more and he looks very clean now, but I decided not to use him as a pillow any more. For now at least.

Well, next year will be the 30th anniversary of snuffles. I wonder if we will see a new anniversary snuffles then?
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