Friday, October 9, 2009

More names of snuffles from other visitors

Since this story was posted in the comments section, I wanted to take it here so everyone can read it.

My favorite Snuffles is a snow white one who is slightly bigger than my others. He's a special edition and sits about 16 inches. His name is Bryan, after my husband. My husband thinks it's lame and doesn't completely understand my obsession with Snuffles, which is why I'm glad I stumbled across this blog.

(comment from "J")

Another story posted in comments:

I am a little embarrassed to even say this, but... I have a Platinum (vintage) that I sleep with every night. His name is Henry. It started out as sort of a heating pad to ease stomach pain, then turned into an impossible habit to break. I never had a stuffed animal that I was attached to as a child, but now... ! My husband has great animosity toward poor Henry, who has never done a thing other than be a most excellent wrist pillow, and - for some odd reason - help me sleep. I love him. Henry, I mean. My husband is okay, too ;o)

(comment from "I")
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