Friday, October 9, 2009

Story of my first Snuffles

Hi, everyone! My name is J (at least, that's my blogger name) and I'm a proud Snuffles owner. When I say proud, I mean I cherish and own 21 Snuffles bears in almost every color imaginable, and I'm always collecting more. I didn't want to see this blog die, so I figured I'd join the posting!

This is the story of my first Snuffles bear. I was 8 years old when my mom was cleaning the attic. I'd say I was helping, but I was 8...I was probably just getting in the way. While sorting through old stuff, she came across a beaten up old Snuffles, like the one to the right. He was a 10" tan with a completely bald nose and his smile missing. My mom had purchased him for my older sister when she was born, back in 1982. I claimed him as my own and took him everywhere for the following 18 months. Then, through a paperwork mistake, my younger sister and I were put in foster care. (It's a flawed system.) It took them four months to clear it up and bring us home. The day we left, my foster mom packed up my Snuffles rather than letting me carry him. The bag he was in ended up being taken home by another little boy going home that day. They didn't return the bag, and I never saw my Snuffles again.

I remember being horribly heartbroken and missing him every day for years. I'll be 21 in less than a month, and I still miss him. But for Christmas the year I was 14, my parents bought me another just like him. That kickstarted my affinity for the Snuffles bear all over again, and I've since collected a beautiful group of them.

I'll post pictures of my group as soon as I get the chance!

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