Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A message from a reader

Well, every once in a while I receive really great Messages from readers of this blog.  They tell me the stories how they got their first snuffles, how much they adore snuffles and how big of a role snuffles plays in their lifes.  This is even more amazing as we are usually (well generally always) talking about adults who still enjoy snuffles, a toy teddybear.

I can relate very well to that. 

Sarah sent me the following message and told me I can share it with you:

Hello! I love your Snuffles blog!

I have collected plush toys and dolls since I was a Little girl. As a child of the 80s, that collection includes a Snuffles of course! She is a pink 10 inch named Cloudbeary and I adore her. You can't beat Snuffles for cuddlieness or cuteness!!! Because of this, I wanted my little one to have a Snuffles and purchased the exclusive black bear from Jan's Bear Essentials last year. Most recently, I added a seven inch vintage brown bear Snuffles to our collection. I joke he was for my Husband who was the only member of the family to not own a Snuffles, but really he is to be our travel size Snuff. When I was a kid, my friend had the small brown Snuff and I always wanted him, so now I do!

I've attached pictures of Cloudbeary with another fave 80s teddy, North American Bear Company's Queen Elizabear. I also included a picture of my most recent Snuffles sighting around Valentine's day at a local gift shop. Feel free to use my pictures and story...I will send more if you like :)

Well, I would love to get more Pictures, Sarah, when you read this next time.  Thanks for the wonderful message. 
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