Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Correction: the below white alpaka snuffles is 10 inches, not 5 ft. , and the 5ft. snuffles looks different...

This white snuffles will be limited to 1000 pieces and cannot be bought. It is a giveaway for people who buy the other snuffles.
This is one of the anniversary snuffles which will be offered soon. He is chocolate, and I think he looks simply gorgeous. Not limited as I understand.
This is the white alpaka snuffles with appx. 10 carat diamond necklace, a one of a king snuffles that will be sold at auction later this year.
This is the caramel snuffles, not limited, and looking truly beautiful as well.

(Image Source: with permission of Gund and Dan)

This is an exciting time for us Snuffles lovers currently. The 30th anniversary is bringing a buzz to our beloved snuffles, and there are several new snuffles coming out that look really gorgeous.

I need to make one correction on my postings below though. The depicted white alpaka snuffles is not the same as the 5ft. snuffles. I will receive images of the 5ft. snuffles later today. I hope that some of the pictures will show him next to a human. I am really curious and excited. The white alpaka snuffles with the diamond necklace is a one of a kind snuffles that will be sold via auction for a charitable purpose later on this year. Gund is planning to get at least $10000 for him. Considering he is wearing all this beautiful jewelry, that sounds like a realistic price to me. Doesn' t it? So there is hope that the 5ft. snuffles will cost less than $10000... ;)

Meanwhile, I received pictures of the anniversary snuffles that will be issued. They are between 10-15 inches tall. I think they look phantastic, gorgeous and so beautiful. I know that I will get them as soon as I can. Prices are reasonable as well, I will post that information later from the press release that is still sitting in my email. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

Last but not least, I want to thank Dan for communicating with me over the past 4 weeks, and letting me know of all the new and upcoming developments with snuffles, and for sending these beautiful pictures to me including the press release.

OK, I have to put my orders in now... ;) The sale of the anniversary snuffles will start in June. More details to follow hopefully later today.
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