Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Katie, thank you from Mimi for buying her big snuffles!

Mimi asked me today to write a thank you note on my blog to Katie, who bought the large snuffles below. Mimi's sister has an illness that cannot be healed, and she is in intensive care and right now noone knows how many days she has left. Mimi needs the money to help her sister. Mimi says thank you, Katie.

Mimi emailed me offering her snuffles to me about 2 weeks. I get a lot of emails, but her email communication has been the most touching since I run this blog. Her sister is only 28 years old and is so ill that she may not have much longer to live. It is so incredibly sad to hear something like this, when a young person is leaving us way too early. We are all aware that life is not endless, yet we do not expect that a young person has such an early fate. Mimi is paying her sister's hospital bills and therefore sold the snuffles.

Thank you!
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