Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some thoughts today

Since I moved to Germany, chances of me buying any more Snuffles are much less. First, Snuffles was never sold in Germany. Gund only sold Snuffles in England of all places in Europe.

Second, buying Snuffles from the US is tedious, shipping charges are outrageous.

I wish someone who is a lover of Snuffles would collaborate with me, someone who has a lot of Snuffles at home, and possibly Snuffles that I have never seen before and that person could support me with my blog and post pictures of rare Snuffles.

For example, there are a lot of Gund dolls with a Snuffles bear, and I have never owned one, and posting all different variations would be a great enrichment for my blog. Last but not least, there are many other Snuffles that are not so popular, and pictures of those would be great as well.

If anyone reading this blog likes to participate, I can give blogging rights to them.

Meanwhile, I will continue browsing the web to find interesting pictures and stories about Snuffles. I am pretty busy here, so I will probably post less than once a week. But I will keep this blog going.
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