Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tiny snuffles on a backbacking trip in the Sierra Nevada

Courtesy to Richard, some great Pictures of a tiny 3 Inch snuffles on a cool trip.  This tiny snuffles just went on a 130-mile backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada backcountry. He provided some very nice pocket-sized comfort ;). I thought you might enjoy some pictures of his travels. The one with the huge view is on Pilot Knob at 12,200 feet.

 So cute, Snuffles touching the moon...  Well, snuffles is bowed like the moon, the Inspiration of snuffles stems from the moon... 
 Pilot Knob at 12200 feet.... 

Honestly, let me say this slowly: I am really happy that viewers and snuffles enthusiasts from all over the globe join me here with my blog and support me.  Show how large a followership snuffles has, and snuffles deserves every bit of it as he is the cutest teddybear of all...  isn't he?

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