Friday, June 29, 2012

Millenium Snuffles took a huge and long trip to China

This Millenium snuffles has seen the world, even if it was only from the sky. He flew from the United States to Hongkong in China to a fellow collector, poster on this blog and lover of snuffles. Here you see the first photo taken upon his arrival.

Below you see photos from the original owner. I think I have mentioned this previously, I found out that there are two different kinds of Millenium snuffles. One with short fur, very nice and soft, the filling seems to make him sit more like he was staring at the moon, and another one, with long fur, soft and more scquishy and the filling makes him sit more like bowed and less upright. Both are very nice, I have one of each. This one is the version with the long fur as far as I can see.And a final distinction between the long fur and short fur millenium snuffles is also with the positioning of their eyes.  The long fur snuffles has his exes sitting right above his snout, touching the white snout, while the short fur snuffles has about an inch space between his eyes and his white snout.
I am not sure if the filling of both snuffles is different, or if it is just accidental that they sit up differently. However the fur is different. I am sure, the new owner will have a lot of fun with this new Millenium snuffles.
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