Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Offtopic: Backlinks, comments, spam, etc.

The snufflesblog has become quite famous over the last 4.5 years among teddybear collectors, enthusiasts and fans.  While I am happy to have achieved a certain popularity, it also means that spammers and businesses are trying to use and abuse my blog.

I have implemented rigorous spam filtering as well as strict control over all comments which are posted.  As long as people post their comments truly in regard to the posting without any backlinks, I am happy to leave the comments unmoderated.

For businesses and stores and companies selling teddybear and stuffed animals, I keep deleting their posts.  If someone is truly interested in advertising their business via my blog, you are welcome to contact me at my above email and we can work something out.  I hope you understand and respect this. 

I entertain several other blogs, one which has really a large number of visitors per month, but even the snufflesblog has several thousand visitors per month.  If you are interested to work with me and support my blog and place a banner or an article which would have to be related to Gund stuffed animals at least, but better even to snuffles, feel free to contact me.

I guess this needed to be said.  I hope that everybody still enjoys this blog, and I am trying to keep it afloat and running with new pictures and stories, and I want to thank everybody who keeps supporting my blog with content. I am grateful for their support. 

I am looking forward to the new black snuffles...

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