Saturday, March 17, 2012

Attention: here come the first pictures of the new snuffles, and guess what, the color is....

Black, yes, the newest upcoming snuffles will be black, with a white collar in half moon shape, as always.
He will have a very soft fur similar to the recent Baby Gund Snuffles, size will be around 13-13.5 inches. 

It has been a longer process of creation for this new snuffles.  I think, the color must have been at least in part inspired by one of my blog surveys where I asked for the color you would like to see next on a snuffles.  The number one color voted for was black.

He will be an exclusive snuffles for Jan's Bear Essentials.  You can only order this new snuffles bear from her, be it you are a consumer or a dealer.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Snuffles is expected to arrive in the states at the end of August.   But you can preorder on Jan's homepage.

 (pictures courtesy of Jan)
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