Saturday, January 30, 2010

One of a kind 5 ft. anniversary Snuffles with 9 ct. diamond necklace - updates

I found out today that a one of a kind 5 foot tall Snuffles will be presented for the 30th anniversary at the Toy Fair next month in New York City, on February 13-17th. He is wearing a 9 carat diamond necklace.

I do not know if they will introduce more anniversary bears at the event, or if it will take until summer.

The one of a kind 5 ft. snuffles is supposed to be auctioned off for charity purposes, I do not know when and where though. If I can get a picture of the bear, I will present it on my blog. As soon as I get more information, I will post it here.

Meanwhile, let's see what Gund will do for us this year. I am still hoping for a nice 30 incher in any color, and some other cool anniversary snuffles.
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