Thursday, August 6, 2009

Continuation of my Snuffles blog

I see that plenty of visitors, collectors, teddy bear enthusiasts etc. come to my blog.

I am still looking for someone who would love to join me in maintaining this blog, helping me find new information, deliver pictures of their snuffles, as I am not living in the US currently, and I have limited access to acquire new snuffleses...

I will try to maintain it, and come up with new pictures etc.

I spoke to Gund recently, it looks like there aren't any plans to come out with a new Snuffles. The only Snuffles sold currently is the white Snuffles in 4 sizes I think, 6,9,10,13.5 inches.

I acquired a Snuffles Book and will post a pic. I am getting a Snuffles catalogue in a couple days as well. There are some other interesting Snuffles items out there...
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