Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snuffles pictures and their respective photographers

I have collected endless pictures of tons of snuffles on my computer, and when I started doing this, I never thought about that I may like to post them one day in a blog. Obviously, I do not own all of the snuffles I present here. I created this blog to entertain snuffles collectors and lovers, of which I have found a lot to be out there. If I use pictures that you know you originated, just let me know. My primary purpose of this blog is to show the endless variety of snuffles that were made in the past 27-28 years. I have no intention to ignore anyone's work or contribution, but I did not keep track of everything to begin with. If you feel neglected, let me know, I will take care of you and post your attribution. This is to be fun and entertaining. Let's keep it that way. Last but not least, I hope that this blog can be educational about Snuffles, its history, the company behind them, and the various sizes and colors and different variations as well as the different snuffleses produced in different countries and for different purposes, such as the baby rattle snuffles, the big sized snuffles and limited editions for collectors. As Gund seems to be fading out Snuffles, this bear has a place in history.

I am running this blog on top of another blog, and on top of a 7 days a week dayjob that keeps me busy in average more than 14 hours a day. So bear with me. Hope my visitors enjoy this blog nevertheless and I am always open for suggestions and corrections.
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